Music Ensemble Opportunities

Tintern Grammar has 22 musical ensembles. I believe that to be a pretty good showcase of the wide amount of music opportunities for Tintern students. Regardless of what instrument you play there is an ensemble for you, they range from all kinds of skill levels and all kinds of musical styles. Even if you don’t have lessons for an instrument there’s an Intermediate Boys and Girls choir for everyone to sing in.

And music gets lots of recognition as well, from the House Singing event to the performances at the many school assemblies and concerts, music ensemble members get tons of opportunities to show off their musical prowess. There are even independent music lessons students can have at school and of course the school musical that’s always an amazing event.

In recent weeks we have enjoyed individual performances during Assembly from Joshua Choong (violin) and Craig Bonnington (saxophone) as well as from a group named “Bottom Line” featuring Harry La Canna, Miller Simons, Lachlan Hoorn, Mark Simounds and Cecilia Hubbard.

by Fintan McCrave, Music & Drama Captain



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