Mountain Bike Riding Excursion

On the Monday 24 of April the Outdoor Ed class went on a bike ride around Wombolano Park. Before we left the school we rode up the farm hill which was challenging. After that the teachers gave us a rest, and we practised safe ways to avoid obstacles that we may come across. After we learnt the skills we needed to go the mountain bike ride, we left the school. When we rode the on the roads we were cautious and used lots of arm signals. After riding on the roads we arrived at Wombolano Park, we practised all the skills that we had learned for example “level cranks” and “chicken flap arms.”

After using our new skills we all stopped at a little bushy path and were allowed to ride as fast as we could though it, leaving a big space in between people so we would not crash into each other. At this little path I really loved how we were able to challenge ourselves and take it a step further out of our comfort zones. Overall I really liked this excursion and I think it was really fun.

by Lauren Maxwell-Greenwood, Year 9A



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