Mothers’ Day

Mothers’ Day Breakfast

Our annual Mothers’ Day Breakfast reached new heights as our two Junior Schools combined for a breakfast on Friday morning that saw sons AND daughters sharing a very special occasion with significant females in their lives.

Our Prep-Year 2 combined choir sang a lovely ‘tribute’ to Mothers’ Day, whilst our boys’ rendition of Hey Mum and Just The Way You Are was very special.

Taking the time to stop and reflect upon the love, support and care that is so important and so obviously provided to our boys and girls complemented, and reinforced the importance of, our S in SAIL.

Once again, I thank everyone who made our combined Mothers’ Day Breakfast such a wonderful occasion.

Mark Zuckerberg

May 14 is the birthday of Facebook founder/creator Mark Zuckerberg. In our Assembly yesterday we discussed his Aspirational rise to fame and fortune, his journey, and some of the mistakes that he made along the way.

It provided us with another opportunity to discuss ‘Cybersafety’ and appropriate choices when interacting with the digital community.

The acronym THINK, as described below, is always a strong foundation upon which our boys can make choices when using the internet and other social media.



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