Mother’s Day celebration

We took a very different approach with our Mother’s Day celebration this year. Focusing on the STEM subjects (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) the mums worked with their daughters on three different and at times challenging activities. iPads were used to record each activity and later used to create a book about the special morning. It was wonderful to see mums and girls stepping out of their comfort zone and taking a ‘have-a-go’ approach. The STEM subjects provide the perfect vehicle for encouraging a problem solving approach to learning and assist in building resilient learners. Who knows which of these girls may feel inspired to follow a pathway toward becoming a scientist or an engineer, a mathematician or indeed in the ever evolving area of technology? Thanks to all the mums for joining in with energy and a positive attitude. You really deserved the homemade treats your daughters served to you at the conclusion of our morning!

Prep class comments

We liked picking up things with the magnets. They picked up metal and connected them to the magnets.

We had to race to build a tower with pasta and marshmallows in Engineering.

Year 1 class comments

We had to guess how many marbles were in the jar. Our mum’s measured how long we were with small matchsticks! We found out at morning tea that Taylor and Eylul with their mums won the guessing the marbles competition. There were 68 marbles in the jar! We loved the big day!

We discovered that some magnets repel and some attract. We made our own magnets by scraping a big nail 60 times on a magnet. We had fun when we moved the little magnets on top of the table with a big magnet under the table. We could make the little car move and the person dance!

Year 2 class comments:

The magnets activity was interesting. Mum and I liked learning which metals were magnetic.

My Mummy was very good at the Tower Building Challenge.

I liked it when Mum and I measured each other, My Mum was being very funny!

I liked building the spaghetti tower. We learned how to be a really good group together.

Our Mums were in a team with us to build a tower for a giant marshmallow. We came second! It was tricky, but lots of fun.

In conclusion Year 1 said:

Mother’s Day was fantastic! We made … coconut chocolate balls. The other grades made lemon slice and yummy muffins. We served it to our mummies! We had the best morning together!

A Riddell



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