Miranda Dickinson (YG2011) – a future in Fashion Design

Miranda-Dickinson-5  Miranda-Dickinson-7

Miranda is currently in her honours year of fashion design at RMIT University, and was selected among 25 students to be involved in Melbourne Spring Fashion Week. It was held on the 30 August, and the event was put on by the City of Melbourne. Miranda received a lot of publicity from the event and was featured on the daily mail.

Above are some examples of Miranda’s graduate collection “Guepe”. Guepe (bug in french) draws metallic colours and surface textures from the secret world that exists under the microscope, focusing on a southern french wasp; the cuckoo. The use of fur encased in lazer cut patterns represent the tiny hairs that give the insect feeling, stemming from a collaboration with an entomology research lab. The fashion industry are constantly on the search for creating artificial beauty, when nature’s overlooked precious gifts are an undiscovered beauty that has already been provided to us. Miranda wanted to expose the microscopic world in all its glory, through a textile manipulated collection of elaborated details and metallic colours.





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