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The end of Term 3 has arrived and I’m sure that every student is looking forward to some time off from their learning because I know that every teacher is looking forward to some time off from their screens as well. It has been an incredible term for the Middle School, learning remotely for the entire journey, yet still managing to accomplish many things.

The Studio
In the last two weeks our Year 7 & 8s have both been involved in a program titled “The Studio” where in small teams of 4 – 5 students, they have worked collaboratively over Zoom to design, create and produce a group podcast around the theme of “Community and Connectedness”. It was amazing to see them work so well together over the digital platform, whilst also learning about how to produce a podcast aimed specifically at a topic and an audience. The end results are currently being finalised and the podcasts will soon be available for our community to listen to.

Classroom Music
Classroom music in the Middle School is another subject area that has had to be creative in its approach to curriculum during this online time. Not having the students in the classroom together, and without access to instruments, has resulted in our staff significantly changing the content within their curriculum. The creation of rap music using an app called Garage Band has resulted in some fantastic pieces of music related to COVID-19. Click on the links below to sample some of the amazing creations by our students.

Australian Mathematics Competition
Congratulations to Kristian Dass, Ethan Hoole and Daniel Sun  in Year 7 who recently competed as a team in the Australian Mathematics Competition (AMC). This competition is an incredibly challenging mathematical competition, entered only by those with a high level of interest and very high level of ability. Our team were awarded a Distinction, placing them in the 95th Percentile (top 5% of participants). An amazing result for them and the school.

GEM Day – 4th September
On the 4th of September our Middle School participated in a variety of activities focussing on providing them with a break from their online learning, whilst also providing them with some pretty amazing learning opportunities. Our Year 8s were involved in The Studio program as already mentioned, whilst our Year 7 & 9 students participated in a variety of different activities focussed on areas of personal well-being including physical and mental health.

The day for our Year 7s included a session with alumni Dani Venn (Year Group 2003) who was a finalist in the 2011 MasterChef, as well as participating in the 2012 MasterChef All Star. Dani talked about her time at Tintern and then life after school. It was a great presentation to our students that has hopefully inspired a number of them to chase their dreams and goals no matter how far away they may seem. Throughout the rest of the day our Year 7s were involved in different activities such as hip-hop dancing and karate/self-defense, as well as a Big Brother/Big Sister session run by our Year 11 and 12 leaders where the focus of conversation was on their efforts during Term 3 as well as their mental health. It was a great way to finish their Term 3 GEM Day.

Our Year 9s were also involved in a variety of activities including personal relationship and sexual education programs, as well as hip-hop dancing and self-defence. The afternoon session presented them with the Gratitude Challenge where they were given the challenge of finding someone (or more) in their family who they wished to express their gratitude for and to find some way to demonstrate this. It was wonderful to see many photos of girls and boys going for a walk with mum or dad, cleaning the house or car, cooking dinner, plus many other great ideas. It was nice to see some thought go in to how they could help and show appreciation to others close to them.

With the upcoming holidays now upon us I would like to wish everyone a well-deserved break. Although the news recently of a continuation of remote learning for the Middle School wasn’t the news we wanted to hear, the feeling is definitely one of optimism in that we are definitely closer to being able to have our students back on site for their learning. I know the staff are missing the face-to-face interactions with our students and are excited to hopefully be back together some time in Term 4.




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