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In the last couple of weeks, the Middle School students have been involved in the process of subject selections for 2021. For our Year 7 and 8 students this involves them selecting elective subjects from a variety of options which sit under different faculties in the Secondary School. Electives are designed to provide our students with an exposure to different curriculum whilst also providing them with a sense of fun and enjoyment. For many students, these electives are one of their highlights of the week; it may be baking a batch of muffins in Baking by Design, building a personal computer in Build a PC, designing a successful business in Entrepreneurship, or designing a piece of clothing in Textile: Stitch, Thread and Dye. These subjects should be fun for our students, and they should be chosen based on interest of each student.

For Year 9s the process is similar. They have been selecting a suite of Year 10 electives from a large list which also includes the option for them to consider accelerating in VCE Unit 1 and 2 subject, or VET Unit 1 and 2 subject, whilst in Year 10. The choices our Year 9s make need also to be factored around interest in a particular area, strength of understanding, as well as the understanding of the challenges that will be faced should they opt to accelerate into a VCE/VET option. For many students, the option of accelerating is not recommended due to the expectations that are placed upon them, whilst for others it is a great option.

In our Middle School assembly this week our leaders introduced the theme of Change. They did a wonderful job in providing our students with an understanding of how change can impact all of us both positively and sometimes negatively. They talked about the current Stage 4 restrictions and the challenges this has provided all of us, forcing change upon us that we certainly didn’t expect. They focussed on the opportunity to use this forced change as a means of personally growing by embracing the challenge positively and by supporting each other throughout. It was a great message of encouragement and support by our leaders.

A similar message is being emailed to our students every morning at the moment with our Senior School leaders and Middle School leaders each providing a message of support to our students and staff. Each message includes a short story of encouragement (inspirational story), a recommended song and a quote to hopefully inspire and encourage others. For both staff and students it has been a great way to start their day.

Our school counsellors, Catie and Kylie, have also been extremely busy during this remote learning time speaking regularly to students and staff as well as providing a weekly Mental Health and Well-Being Newsletter which provides them with insights into personal well-being and links to great resources that can help them navigate this journey through remote learning.


Barathan Mahadeva – The Mito Challenge
Prior to Stage 4 restrictions one of our Year 8 boys, Barathan Mahadeva, joined his mum in the Mito Challenge of 2020. The challenge was aimed at raising money to help in finding a cure for mitochondrial disease which affects many people across Australia and the world. Barathan and his mum completed the “Bloody Long Walk” (https://www.bloodylongwalk.com.au/) by walking 35km from Ringwood East to Cranbourne North and in the process raised over $2200 for the Mito Foundation. A fantastic effort by both Barathan and his mum.







Duke of Edinburgh Award

I would like to congratulate Max Lalor and Bailey Hanna (both Year 9) for successfully completing their Bronze Award for the Duke of Edinburgh Award. The program is a long standing program aimed at empowering young Australians aged 14 – 24 to explore their full potential. Each participant must learn a skills, improve their physical well-being, volunteer in their community and experience a team adventure in a new environment. The reward has three levels beginning with Bronze, before moving through to the Silver and then the Gold Award. Tintern has long been associated with this optional award and is very proud of all of the students who participate in it. Congratulations once again to Max and Bailey.


Justin Coulson webinar of parents – Lightening the Lockdown Load (Wednesday 19th August)

Following on from the recent webinar for parents we provided from Elevate Education, we are excited to provide you with access to another session aimed at helping parents support their children during this time of lockdown. This session is by Dr Justin Coulson and is titled Lightening the Lockdown Load. We have registered as a school and encourage all parents to attend if they can. To do so you need to click on the link below and follow the prompts.















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