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Head of Secondary 

As we move toward the end of term it has been great to see our students engaged in such a variety of activities across all year levels. A common thread for activities in the last two weeks has been within the academic realm. This has included our Year 7s and 9s finishing off their 2022 NAPLAN testing under the guidance of Mrs Bezaire, as well as our Year 10 and 11 students preparing for their Semester 1 Examinations.  

During both their academic classes and their pastoral time, our Year 10 and 11 students have been focussing on preparing for their exams which begin this week. They have received exam technique and preparation advice from Heads of Department, whilst also receiving subject specific advice during their normal classes. These examinations provide every student with an opportunity to better understand themselves and the processes that best suit them when preparing for such assessments. 

The Man Cave – Year 7 & 8 Boys 
On Tuesday 24 May our Year 7 & 8 boys were part of a program delivered by an organisation called The Man Cave. The program was focussed on youth mental health and aimed at helping our boys to grow into great young men. It provided a safe and caring environment that encouraged our boys to open up about their feelings and to know that at Tintern they are supported and cared for. Our boys were incredible throughout the whole day, to the extent that the presenter’s feedback was that they were the most amazing group of boys they have worked with. As a school we have been working with The Man Cave for a number of years now, helping to develop our boys into fine young men. For more information on The Man Cave, click on the link below. 

The Man Cave | Facilitating healthy masculinity for boys and young men. 

The Butterfly Foundation – Year 7 & 8 Girls 
Unfortunately, a similar program for our girls had to be rescheduled due to the presenter coming down with COVID-19. This program will now be held on Tuesday 07 June and I’m sure will be a great opportunity for our girls. 

Year 9 Elephant Education 
On Tuesday 24 May our Year 9 students received a workshop from an organisation called Elephant Education focussing on consent and safe sex education. This program forms part of our ongoing commitment to the pastoral growth and development of our girls and boys at Year 9 and was really well received. Having younger external presenters often provides our students with the confidence to ask questions that are relevant to them without the fear of being judged by their teachers. They had the opportunity to provide anonymous style questions that the presenters then provided measured and accurate responses to. 

Year 9 House Showdown 
On Thursday 26 May we held our annual Year House Showdown. This event has morphed out of two historical activities that began when Tintern was a girls only school, and from an activity that began for the boys on Maidstone Street. It is designed to help bring together our Year 9 girls and boys and assist with the transition that they will make at the end of this year into our co-educational Senior College. They work in their House groups to choreograph a “dance type” routine connected to a particular theme. This year the theme was B, C or D. Along with the final dance routine, each House is required to produce a video highlighting their preparation and challenges they faced, as well as create a visual flyer that informs readers of their performance. This provides the opportunity for different students to demonstrate their strengths as not all of them are suited to being onstage dancing.  

Like every year, the first few weeks are challenging for the students; however, by performance week the level of competitiveness and sense of pride is incredible with each House determined to win. This year it was Somner Stewart who came out on top with a great final performance. A huge thank you to Mr Kenny, Ms Lowing and the Year 9 pastoral staff who helped to create a fantastic event that goes such a long way to connecting our students. A big thank you also to the parents and family members that came along on the evening to support our students, the crowd was amazing. With the raffle tickets on sale and plenty of very generous guests, we were able raise over $350 for our chosen charity this year, Beyond Blue.  

Touch rugby goal medal 

A huge congratulations to our Year 8 & 9 touch rugby boys who won the grand final on Thursday 26 May. They have had a wonderful season, losing only a couple of games throughout. They played their best rugby in the two weeks of finals to come away with the gold medal victory. 

Year 12 Hump Day 

This week saw the opportunity for our Year 12s to mark approximately half-way in their final year of school. It was conducted on Monday 30 May with a day in their pyjamas, a breakfast together in our Hawthorn Room and some fun and games throughout the day including the ever popular “skittle ball”. It’s important that little moments like these are celebrated so as to help ensure the energy and enthusiasm is maintained by the students throughout the year.  


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