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A fortnight of uninterrupted school feels like such a privilege, and with the further easing of restrictions, we are almost in what we will probably now call “normal” as we move forward. Masks have become optional in school now; however, remain compulsory for public transport and our school buses. Therefore, for many students they will still be required to carry a mask with them for their journey to and from school but can now choose if they wish to wear one when at school both outside and inside the classroom. What has been reinforced to all students is that there still will be many students and staff who will choose to wear a mask and that it’s important that we all respect an individual’s choice. 

On Friday 19 November we held our first combined face-to-face Middle School assembly since early in Term 2 in our recently refurbished CM Wood Centre. The assembly was an opportunity to hear from our Middle School leaders who spoke about the challenging year that 2021 was, but also of the many highlights that were still achieved. They spoke of camps, excursions, the school musical, sports carnivals and GEM Days. They praised the commitment and independence of all students, as well as the dedication and hard work from their teachers. What they made clear was that the student body was really looking forward to 2022 and the opportunity to enjoy a school year full of exciting activities and opportunities.  


Middle School Leaders for 2022 

At that assembly we introduced our Middle School student leadership team for 2022. The process of leadership election is always a difficult situation, especially when there are many of our students who applied for particular positions, all very capable of fulfilling any of the positions they put their hand up for. In Year 9, all students will provide leadership across the school, despite many not wearing a badge. The Duke of Edinburgh Program that will be conducted through our Year 9 Program will provide all students the opportunity to develop their leadership skills through personal challenges, community service and the adventurous journey aspect of the program.  

Below is a list of the successful students who will form the core of our Middle School leadership team for 2022: 






Grace Boromeo 

Arya Yogesh Kumar 


Amelie Byth 

David Derham 

School Leader 

Lucia Cockerell 

Harrison Biggs 

School Leader 

Daisy Mitchell 

Elijah Hanna 

Butterss-Cross House Captain 

Hannah Dunkley 

Shenghao Jin 

Dann-Watt House Captain 

Elisha Sze 

Jett Sriratana 

Gordon-Grant House Captain 

Zara Jackson Smith 

Marcus Ta 

Mansfield-McKie House Captain 

Matilda Bailye 

Heath Fox 

Somner-Stewart House Captain 

Amy Harris 

Jack Pringle 

Music and Drama 

Sashenka Fernando 

Daniel Sun 


Millie Blank 

Tom Hutcheon 


Aridhi De Silva 

Daniel Thompson 


Girls in STEAM 

In Term 3 we began a Laser Cut Design Course for Middle School girls in our STEAM Centre. This was an optional afterschool activity that was very popular across the Middle School girls. The course covered basic illustrator design skills, how to use the laser cutter and design briefs. The designs could range from earrings to brooches to key rings, the possibilities were endless. The program was interrupted by being offsite, however, the sessions continued online and once back onsite, our girls will be able to complete their designs and cut out their final pieces. A huge thank you to our library staff, specifically Ms Karmouche who ran the program. There will be more of these opportunities next year to help inspire our girls in the STEAM area. 



Music Scholar Awards for 2021 

On Friday 19 November our annual Music Scholar Awards were presented at an invitational luncheon in our CM Wood Centre. There are two types of awards: Ilma Kelson Music Scholar Awards and the Penelope Thwaites Music Scholar Awards. 

This year the award recipients are: 

  • Averil Lee (Grade 5): Music Engagement Award 

  • Sophie Liu (Year 7): Best Performance of an Australian Composition 

  • Sebastien Humphrys (Year 7): Best Original Composition 

  • Etienne Meddings (Year 8): Music Engagement Award 

  • Helen Yang (Year 9): Outstanding Senior Performer 

A huge congratulations to all Kelson Award recipients for 2021. 


Year 7 2022 Orientation Day Wednesday 24 November 

On Wednesday 24 November there will be a number of our current Middle School students assisting with Mrs Watkins and Mrs Baulch with the Year 7 2022 Orientation Day. Normally this would be Day 3 of their orientation, however, this will be the first time that they have been able to attend and for many students it will be the first time they have actually set foot on our campus. The day is designed around providing a fun and welcoming experience that hopefully continues to build on their excitement for starting secondary school next year at Tintern.  


Key Dates 

With the end of the year approaching it is important that key dates are kept in the minds of both students and the families.  

  • Monday 29 November: Student free day for all secondary students (no secondary school classes)
  • Monday 29 November – Friday 3 December: Year 9 Summer Expeditions
  • Tuesday 30 November: Year 8 Medieval Day at school
  • Wednesday 1st December: Day 1 of Transition. Students move into their 2022 classes and timetable and begin work for the 2022 year.  
  • Friday 10th December: Final day for students. Transition continues until lunchtime, followed by an end of school secondary assembly and a final pastoral session. 




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