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What a difference it makes to have the smiling faces of our students and staff back on campus after such an extended period of lockdown. The staggered return over the recent weeks helped all students to adapt from their remote learning environment to one that is back full-time face-to-face. What was also important is that staff were aware of the challenges that some people face with significant change, and both the academic lessons and work expectations were adjusted accordingly and increased as time back on campus also increased.

The pastoral focus for the first few weeks back at school has been on reintegrating ourselves back into society and reestablishing our friendship groups and understanding of each other. This is important to redevelop after spending such a considerable amount of time isolated from each other. It was important to recognise that the initial excitement of seeing each other would also shift and therefore that ability to understand others and work collaboratively has been a focus of conversation in these sessions. It has been wonderful to see such a positive understanding of this and the support our students have demonstrated to each other.


Student Leadership
Over the last week we have been interviewing students in Year 8 for leadership positions in the Middle School next year. The level of enthusiasm, excitement and a genuine desire to impact our school in a positive manner from all candidates was just amazing to see. What was also impressive was the sheer number of applicants wishing to be part of our leadership team in 2022. Unfortunately not all students will be in a titled leadership position next year, but it was wonderful to hear them talk about them wanting to step up regardless and provide ideas and opportunities for other students to enjoy and re-connect back at school. Our 2022 leaders will be announced at an assembly on 19 November.


School Calendar
With Term 4 well underway, there are several key dates fast approaching:

  • Friday 19 November: Middle School end of year assembly. This includes the presentation of major awards for 2021, the graduation of our Year 9 from Middle School to Senior College, as well as the introduction of our new student leadership team for 2022.

  • Wednesday 24 November: Orientation Day for our Year 7 2022 students. This will involve our student leadership team to help welcome and excite our new students about Year 7 next year.

  • Monday 29 November: Student free day and beginning of Year 9 Summer Expeditions.

  • Wednesday 1 December: Beginning of transition into 2022.

  • Friday 10 December: Final day of school.


PAT Testing and Other Assessments
At the end of each academic year we conduct a variety of assessments as part of our regular routine. This includes some end of year assessments in subject specific areas like English and Mathematics, as well as PAT testing across Reading, Numeracy and Science. This data helps us track the growth and development of individual students, along with their NAPLAN results in Years 7 and 9, and their individual subject results throughout the year. This data also assists staff in their curriculum planning for next year and beyond as strengths and weaknesses of individuals and cohorts can be easily observed.


VCE Exams
As a school we are wishing our current Year 12s the very best for their examinations in VCE and IB. It has been a tough year for them; however, their commitment and drive has been nothing short of exceptional. They have set a wonderful example to all students across the school and regardless of their results, can be confident in their development of other key attributes such as independence and responsibility that will place them in great stead for their life after school.





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