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Although not unexpected, it was still disappointing for everyone in our community to be extended in our current lockdown and our thoughts go out to those who are adversely affected. What has been great though, is seeing the way our students have continued to adapt and move forward with their learning and the overwhelmingly positive mindset they have adopted in the face of challenge. Staff have been really impressed with the ongoing effort and commitment the students are demonstrating to their learning during these challenging times, whilst having our fingers crossed that we’re back at school as soon as possible.  

Teaching and assessing students during periods of remote learning is something that is very different to face-to-face learning and something that both staff and students continue to adapt to in order to find the most effective approach. What has been valuable for our students is to see our staff continually reflecting on their own teaching and then adapting their methods; this sense of reflection and adaptation is such an important skill for our students to be developing as they grow. 

In the coming weeks we have our Student Progress Meetings where families have the opportunity to discuss the progress of their children with their teachers and to be able to set goals for the second half of this year. All Student Progress Meetings will now be conducted via Microsoft Teams with bookings now open. Please note that all Middle School classes will end early at 3pm on Wednesdays 25 August and Wednesday 1 September to give staff and students a break before Student Progress Meetings commence at 4pm.

Unfortunately, our Year 9 camp that was already rescheduled to next week is now cancelled. We are unable to secure the venue at another date and subsequently cannot offer the camp as we have in the past. We still plan to provide our Year 9s with some experiences of mountain bike riding and white-water rafting early in Term 4 in preparation for their Summer Expedition selections. 

Our Tintern Snowsports team has recently had their competition postponed due to restrictions, so we are awaiting news around the new dates when this competition will run. We have a large number of students who are in our Snowsports team, and we are certainly hopeful that this event is able to be successfully rescheduled for later this term. I’d like to congratulate Matthew Wilby (Year 8) who was recently invited to train in the Victorian Junior Cross-Country Team as well as being awarded the “Promising Young Athlete” grant from the Victorian Biathlon association in conjunction with Victorian Sports and Recreation. A fantastic result for Matthew who has put a lot of effort into his training and preparation. Another student who is currently doing amazing things in the snow environment is Leo Tiao (Year 7). Leo is one of the best young snowboarders in the country and trains incredibly hard all year round. I know he is very hopeful that the Snowsports competition goes ahead this year so that he can represent our school.  

Another example of students continuing to achieve whilst in remote learning are Danny Gong (Year 8) and his Music Theory achievement. Congratulations to Danny on his outstanding result of 94% (Honours) in his Grade 3 Music Theory Examination. Danny studies Music Theory with our Head of Keyboard, Ms McKenzie and she was thrilled that he attempted the Australian Music Examinations Board assessment in an online format recently with such a great outcome. Well done, Danny! 


Cooper Green with his Robocopter at home

Our Year 7s are currently learning about forces in Science. They consider concepts such as how gravity and air resistance play a part in the world around us. The students are undertaking an investigation around making, testing and collecting data on a Robocopter. Changing something about each Robocopter for them to fall at different speeds. 

There are several academic competitions and challenges that are open to our students at different times of the year. An example of this was the recent Australian Mathematics Competition where we had over 150 students across the school volunteer to participate in the competition. This is a very challenging competition and we look forward to seeing the results from our students when they become available.  





Another area that is also offered is the Science Talent Search. This is a competition open to all students across Victoria and allows them to investigate an area of scientific interest in greater depth. The competition is still being conducted with a number of our students heavily engaged in their respective projects. An example of the amazing work some of our students are doing in this area is that of Year 9 student Skye Sriratana. Skye’s project was developed from her passion for weightlifting, and it was the design and development of a plate loading machine to help prevent injuries from this process. To view Skye’s project, click here: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=VsIVyfC9FOQ 

In some other exciting news, two of our Year 7 boys, Sebastian Humphreys and Ryan Jayarathne, have recently been accepted as ball boys for the upcoming Australian Open. This is great news for both boys and certainly an experience that will be a lifelong memory. 

All the best to our entire Tintern community through this challenging time. The school is here to support in any way we can and we look forward to having our students back on campus in the weeks to come.  




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