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Once again this dreaded virus comes back to interrupt our school term, with Melbourne forced into Lockdown 5.0! Not that it came by surprise following what we saw happening in New South Wales and then got wind of the removalists who travelled throughout Victoria after having come from Melbourne. What is quite obvious is that this reported Delta version of the virus is a fast moving and highly contagious strain that is proving hard to contain. As a community we will continue to support each other, look after ourselves and make our way through to what hopefully is a relatively short lockdown period.  

There is a saying that “life is 10% what happens and 90% how you react to it.” This has never been so true as it currently is with the impact of the Coronavirus on our daily lives, especially that of teenagers. The ongoing impact of being taken in and out of lockdowns, in and out of remote learning and face-to-face learning, local sport not running, and many other aspects of their lives drastically changing in an instant all represent huge challenges to everyone. Because of this, it is absolutely crucial that we, as adults (parents, teachers, carers) provide ongoing support, guidance and modelling as to how best respond and react to these changes.  

This adaption to change is what will continue to build resilience in our teenagers, however, it is something that they do need the guidance and support in despite their belief that they are capable of coping and adapting by themselves. Parents are encouraged to regularly ask them how they are feeling and that their thoughts are on the current situation. Where possible, provide positive feedback and support to them, highlighting the opportunities they still do have despite being in lockdown. Our Resilience Project at school is a wonderful tool to help build a level of resilience. I highly encourage our parents to visit (revisit) the parents page on our school Portal using the link below. Another wonderful resource that is available through the Portal is our access to SchoolTv where you will find a large number of valuable resources including videos to articles talking about aspects of resilience and many other issues relevant to families and teenagers. 

Resilience Project for Parents 




As has been communicated to both families and students a number of times already, it is important that when working from home that an appropriate environment is created for each student. This includes the right light, desk set up and routines, as well as many opportunities to have a break from screens and engage in some physical activity outside. Below is a link from a great website that helps to provide some tips for parents about supporting online learning. 



Year 7 Showcase Evening 

Before lockdown came, we were fortunate enough to run our Year 7 Showcase Evening. This event is aimed at introducing our Middle School (particularly Year 7) to current and potential families as they begin making choices around schools for their children. With more than 300 guests attending, it is evident that interest and desire to come to Tintern is continuing to grow, as our 2022 Year 7 boys’ classes are at capacity and our Year 7 girls’ cohort will increase from two to three classes next year. I would especially like to thank all of the students who assisted on the evening to help make the event such a success. This includes our musicians who played at the beginning, including Helen Yang, our Girls’ Music and Drama Captain, who played the prelude music beautifully, through to our Year 9 leaders and students who assisted with welcoming and answering questions from guests. A special thank you to our two school captains, Laura Mitcham and Oliver Huang, who gave up their time to be part of the Q&A session on stage, sharing experiences and insights into their Middle School journeys and senior years at Tintern. A highlight to me, however, was the performance of Ella Rosewarne and Hayden Glenk of Year 7, who are new to the school this year, but showed confidence and character to join Laura and Oliver on stage to share their experience at Tintern so far. They spoke incredibly well and provided our visitors with some wonderful insights into what it has been like to start at a new school. 


French Success 

Late in Term 1 our Year 7 & 8 French classes entered students into the Berthe Mouchette Competition. This is a French poetry competition where students recite a selected poem to a judging panel. To be a finalist in this competition, students needed a perfect score of 20/20. The following students achieved this result and will compete in the final on August the 8th: 

Year 7: 

Jacob Beard 
Adrian Bisignano 
Tess Flanagan 
Matilda Henderson 
Yi-Jen Hsu 
Emma Huang 
Leon Jiao 
Bohan Liang 
Ella Rosewarne 
Megan Sansom 
Amelie Yeoman 

Year 8: 

Brooke Fennessy 
Emily Ji 
Kyle Pickering 

In addition, a further sixteen students in Year 7 and six in Year 8 missed out on this level by only 1 point or less! An amazing effort by all involved. 


Sporting Success 

A huge congratulations to Skye Sriratana in Year 9 who recently competed in a weight lifting competition where she broke three U15 Victorian records. This was for Snatch (57Kg, 12kg above previous record), Clean & Jerk (70kg, 15kg above previous record) and total weight (127kg, 27kg above previous record). This is an incredible effort by Skye and a wonderful reward for the commitment and hard work she puts into her training. Well done.  


Thank you to everyone who helped transfer so successfully from face-to-face learning to remote. This includes students, families and staff. Hopefully this won’t be a lockdown that lasts too long and we get to see our students back on-site very soon. 




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