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From the moment we started back on campus this term the time seems to have disappeared extremely quickly. The busyness of school life certainly didn’t take long to resume with students back involved in co-curricular activities such as sports, music, The Green Team and other social groups. As much as their opportunities were limited compared to other years, there has still been plenty of things to keep our students active and engaged at school.

The academic rigour also increased for the students as they drew closer to the end of the year with a number of subjects having end of semester assessments or even examinations, as was the case with Year 9s. Part of their learning through the Middle Years is about developing an understanding of strategies for preparation and revision for assessments. Subject specific teachers, along with their YLC and Pastoral Mentors, have spent time in class discussing different revision strategies in order to help students discover particular methods that are more effective for them. Different strategies could include the formation of summary pages, flash cards, or group revision, with the aim that by the end of their Middle Years’ journey they are equipped with a variety of techniques that suit their learning styles. Our Year 9s have just experienced their first set of examinations for English, Mathematics and Science, and although this year they have been modified due to the abnormal year, it was still pleasing to see the approach taken by the students to prepare as best as they could leading into each examination. I wish them well for their results.

In last week’s Middle School assembly our larger leadership group consisting of our School Leaders, Co-curricular Captains and House Captains combined to piece together our final regular Wednesday assembly for the 2020 year. It was wonderful to see the teamwork and energy they displayed in putting together a fantastic assembly and actually highlighted how unlucky we have been this year in not having more opportunities for these leaders to impact on our Middle School. I’m sure they will continue with their energy and passion when they move into the Senior College as Year 10s this Friday during transition.

The EISM cross-country timeline ends on Wednesday 25th November and it has been impressive to see the number of students recording and registering their best 3km times with Mr Viney our Head of Sport. The importance of fitness and health is something that has definitely come from 2020 and I wish all our competitors the very best for the event.

As has been mentioned, our students finish their current academic year on Wednesday 25th November and transition into their 2021 classes and timetable on Friday 27th November (Thursday is a student free day in the Secondary years). They will receive a copy of their new timetable and begin their lessons for next year. For these classes they are to bring their device, spare folders and paper, and their pencil cases. This period provides them with an insight into the step up required for their next academic year.

Our Year 9s will only have three actual days of transition over this period as they will be away on the Year 9 Summer Expeditions. With the easing of restrictions in recent weeks it was exciting for all involved to be given the green light to run our end of year camp. There have been a few opportunities like these that they missed this year, so to be able to have them out experiencing the great outdoors safely is fantastic. I wish them all the best as they either rock climb, hike, white water raft or sea kayak throughout the exciting week.

In the last couple of weeks of school, we will be having a number of final assemblies to celebrate the year of 2020. These all need to be pre-recorded and therefore have certainly altered the usual means of sharing these experiences with family and friends; however, recordings of assemblies such as our Year 9 Graduation and our Middle School End of Year Assembly will be made available to our community for parents and family to enjoy as well.

Good luck to all of our students as they transition into their 2021 classes this week and I would like to personally congratulate them all on their efforts throughout 2020.




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