Maths Talent Quest Awards

The Maths Talent Quest Awards Ceremony was held at La Trobe University on 20th October. Nine students, Ms Tillyer and Mr Kirkwood went along to collect our certificates and prizes on behalf of the team. We won the following awards:

Tintern Grammar: Most Outstanding School Award:

Eddie Yu (Year 9) received a High Distinction, best in Victoria for Year 9 and a Highly Commended for the National MTQ;

Ashleigh Dowling (Year 8) received a High Distinction and best in Victoria for Year 8;

Holly Whitfield and Amelia Kenny (Year 7) received a High Distinction;

Nicolani Susanto (Year 9) received a High Distinction;

Joshua Choong (Year 7) received a Distinction; and

Kiki Argyros, Oscar De Jong, Adam Choong, Oliver Huang, Connor Nancarrow, Jake Stubbs (Year 7) all received Credits.

There was a presentation about the Mathematics behind Pokemon Go from a lecturer at La Trobe University. We had the opportunity to read through the best State and National winner investigations. After the Ceremony Ms Tillyer gave a tour of the University, including viewing the Sylvia Walton Building, a lecture theatre, Union Hall and lunch in the Agora Square. On the way home we celebrated with ice-cream from a drive-through!! Photo credits go to Eddie’s Mum Ying Jia and Ms Tillyer.

by Julie Tillyer, Teacher of Mathematics



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