Mandy Cooke says goodbye

It is a with a mixed bag of emotions that I conclude my 6 years at Tintern this week. It is with trepidation and excitement that I move into a new phase as an educator. I plan to continue to engage in the provision of quality early childhood education in a variety of ways, all of which bring forth new environments, new people and a new daily experience that I hope will both challenge and inspire me. It is with a mix of nostalgia, sadness and fond memories that I say goodbye to Tintern. It has been such a rewarding experience working in such a close-knit team of educators and with children and families who right from the beginning I declared were ‘the best ever’! I have enjoyed watching the children grow and develop throughout the primary school and loved watching the Grade 4 girls, my first ever Pre-Prep class, return to the ELC as buddies this year. I know at times I have taken for granted the wonderful natural surrounds of Tintern Grammar and as I look at the large established gums outside my office window I know that this is something I will struggle to ever replace. I hope that I have managed to nurture a love and care for the environment in the children I have taught and that the legacy of ‘sustainability monitors’ might continue long after we’ve all moved on. The photos above capture the essence of my favourite experiences at Tintern and it is my hope that children will continue to enjoy these moments for many years to come.

Thanks to all and for everything.

by Amanda Cooke, ELC Coordinator
Pre-Prep B Teacher




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