Managing Lockdown Fatigue

Managing Lockdown Fatigue

The ongoing restrictions have caused psychological, physical and emotional effects for many, including physical and emotional exhaustion whether you live in areas of high COVID cases or in states or regions where there are few cases .

Most people have never experienced the unknowns related to and the restrictions imposed by, COVID . We are very familiar now with terms that we use on a daily basis : unprecedented, curfew, border closures, good hygiene, feeling unwell – get tested , daily reported numbers, self- isolation, mandatory mask wearing . All these terms are now a part of our everyday language . And recently ,‘ lockdown fatigue’ has been added to this growing list.

What is lockdown fatigue ?

Lockdown fatigue has been described as a state  of exhaustion caused by the long term affects of COVID – 19 and the changes it had caused to every aspect of your life .it is a state experienced when people have had to come to terms with a virus that has affected every aspect of their life, including their freedom, and which has continued for months , sometimes with no end in site.

The link below is a really helpful fact sheet that covers :

  • What are the causes ?
  • Understanding lockdown fatigue .
  • What does lockdown fatigue feel like ?
  • How to deal with lockdown fatigue .
  • Accessing help

Managing Lockdown Fatigue Fact Sheet

There are many  avenues for support both at school and externally, if you or your child are struggling in any way assistance is available so please reach out. These are truly difficult times and it is understandable that many of us may feel the need to reach out for a chat , conversation , support or advise. It is also understandable that many may feel reluctant to so , and indeed my never have been in a situation where they felt a need for support.

 Be gentle with yourselves , particle self compassion and self care. 

Take care. 




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