Literacy Learning

Literacy learning is an incredibly important component of our program within the Junior Schools. In the 21st Century literacy skills allow individuals the opportunity to compete in the global marketplace. As a result, citizens of industrialized nations are expected to master reading and writing skills to a high level. Here at Tintern Grammar we believe that if these skills are taught well, then this will open up a whole host of opportunities for your daughter/son in the future.

When we take time to watch and listen to young people playing we see literacy in action and we begin to appreciate its importance and impact. We see and hear them using all facets of literacy to express and share their ideas through:

  • having conversations
  • telling stories
  • listening
  • reading
  • writing
  • drawing
  • painting
  • acting/pretending
  • making up stories
  • holistically combining body, mind and feeling
  • building communities with shared interests

When they use these developing skills they reveal a surprisingly extensive and rich knowledge base. At Tintern Grammar Early Learning Centre literacy skills are explored and developed through a wide range of play‐based activities, spontaneous learning opportunities, and teacher‐directed group learning. The classroom environment will support students’ learning by providing a literacy‐rich learning space. Students in the 4 year old Pre‐Prep Program will also have the opportunity to attend Library lessons, as well as enjoy borrowing books to take home.

The ELC staff build on students’ phonic skills by using the well‐known Letterland program, which provides an exciting introduction to the world of letters and words. The Letterland program continues into Junior Schools (up to Year 2) and provides a solid foundation for reading and spelling.



2023 Term Dates