Life Saving Knowledge

All the Junior School boys had a First Aid lesson this week from the St. John’s Ambulance Service. Our trainer was Ashleigh and she taught us the action plan known as DRSABCD. These letters remind you of what to do and in what order if somebody appears to be unconscious. D = Danger, R = Response, S = Send for help, A = check the Airway, B = check Breathing, C = CPR, D = Defibrillation.

We all practised the action plan on each other, pretending that one of us was unconscious. We pretended to phone for help and once we had checked airways and breathing, we then learnt how to put the person into the recovery position. It was an excellent experience.

Now our teacher feels very safe in our classroom because we could all save her if needed!

by Arya Yogesh-Kumar (and Mrs. Sparkes)



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