Learn to Swim Program (Prep – Year 2)

Your daughter will be taking part in a Learn to Swim Program to be held at the Tintern Pool. The lessons will follow the Swim and Survive program run by The Royal Life Saving Society of Australia, Victoria.  Fully accredited swim instructors from the Nunawading Swim School will conduct the lessons, with Ms Worland or class teachers in attendance.

Date:                         Monday 19 October – until Tuesday 27 October

Venue:                     Tintern Pool

Lesson Times:      8.45-9.15am Prep and Year 1
                                      9.15-9.45am Year 2                          

Prep and Year 1 students will walk to the pool at 8.30am to allow for adequate time to change before the 8.45am start time. Students who arrive at school after 8.30am need to go directly to the pool with a parent after signing in at the JS Office.

What to bring:                                 

  • One-piece bathers (please purchase the Tintern Swimming bathers – this is a compulsory item)
  • Swimming Cap (can be purchased from the Uniform shop and are provided in House Colours)
  • Towel
  • Plastic Bag (to put wet bathers in)
  • Goggles (optional but highly recommended – please test them before our program begins)
  • Spare underwear/socks in case these items get wet
  • Thongs or sandals (to walk to and from the pool) 

Log Books

The Log Book is a personal record of achievement in the Swim and Survive Program and is required by all students

Prep: Log Books are purchased by the School on behalf of students in Prep

Year 1 & 2: Class teachers have been given a list of the students who have returned their Log Books at the completion of the 2014 program. If you are unsure please check with the class teacher before placing an order for a new Log Book. Log Books that are still at home are requested to be returned to School prior before Friday 16 October.

All students will be assessed by the Swim Instructors at the beginning of the program and placed into the most suitable group to match their ability to the level of challenge.

Parent help with changing and viewing swimming lessons

Any mothers who are able to assist with changing the girls in the female change room areas would be a great help.  Please speak to your daughter’s class teacher if you are interested. All parents are very welcome to attend the swimming program. If you are planning on attending we would ask if you observe the classes from the viewing area upstairs. 

Prep-Year 2 House Swimming Carnival Friday 30 October, 9.00-10.30am – Tintern Pool

The program cumulates with a House Swimming Carnival involving all Prep to Year 2 students in a series of fun tabloid events and swimming events. All parents and special friends are invited to come along to find out how to ‘wag the dog’s tail’ and other novelty events. Students are asked to bring a second towel in addition to their swimming gear for the day of the Carnival.

by Anna Riddell, Head of Tintern Junior School and Tintern Schools Early Learning Centre



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