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Wellbeing in the Girls’ Junior School

In the Girls’ Junior School, students have been undertaking a variety of Weekly Challenges designed to promote connectedness and wellbeing. The girls have enjoyed creating playlist, making vision boards and even sharing some special family recipes. Wellbeing has been a priority for our students with students undertaking regular tasks such as mindfulness, gratitude lists and a variety of other tools in our Junior School Wellbeing Journal.


What do you see out your window?

Whilst Girls’ Junior School students have been learning from home, girls have been looking out their windows and sharing what they can see with their classmates, following the viewing of a special book which was written for children around the world in the times of COVID-19. Windows, by Patrick Guest and Jonathan Bentley https://youtu.be/_yQv4_rhhU4 is a beautiful representation of our current world. Students have taken the time to slow down and observe their environment, showing the many beautiful things we are grateful for at the moment.

Here are some beautiful examples by Ruby in Prep and Deni in Year 1:






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