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Junior School Students focus on gratitude.

Our P-2 team have been learning about gratitude and how we can show our appreciation. This has been a very important experience for our girls, given the current environment. We realise that we have a lot to be grateful for! We talked about different things we can be grateful for, focusing on acts of kindness rather than material things. The Prep girls made paper flowers and delivered them to our community heroes. They also made a sign to communicate their gratitude. The Year 1 girls wrote letters on hearts to the cleaners and left them around the building to thank them for the amazing work they do for us. The Year 2 girls wrote letters and made creative posters to express their gratitude to the community. We have also collectively, made a gratitude tree where we add messages of thanks.


Year 6 Students use Mood Meters.

Using the Mood Meter has been really beneficial during remote learning as well as our return to learning on site. Being able to recognise our emotions has allowed us to have a greater self-awareness as well as an awareness of others.

During remote learning, we used to Mood Meters to track how we were feeling as well as using visualisation techniques and strategies to get us back into the pleasant yellow and green zones.

While we have been back at school, we have been using the Mood Meters throughout the day to check-in with how we are feeling. This has been really useful to place a word to how we are feeling and what we can do to help ourselves and our peers.



I wrote a letter, to feel better

School Captain Ashleigh Dowling narrates the latest Groick story ‘I wrote a letter, to feel better’ developed by Mr Kenny and Ashleigh, a story to help our Junior School Students with their transition back on campus.


Performing Arts Year 2 and 3 Girls

The Year 2 and 3 girls had a wonderful time in Performing Arts this week discovering the word “improvisation!”They dressed up or put on puppet shows during the lesson and they used their imaginations and story- telling skills to create some wonderful scenes and dialogues between various characters. They really enjoyed working cooperatively in groups to develop confidence in their speaking and acting skills.  



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