Jillian Theodore YG 1977

Half-way through studying Year 12 at Tintern in 1977, Jillian received an AFS (American Field Service) scholarship to attend Year 12 at a school in Wisconsin, USA. This ignited her interest in travel and an interesting and varied career all over the world. Jillian has had the opportunity to live and work in Europe, China, Asia and the United States.

Jillian has worked in International Business, Marketing and Communications, including Event Management for many notable companies all over the world, including as a volunteer. Jillian says, “I enjoy blending lessons from my 20+ years of experience in international business, with insights into how to remain resilient in the corporate world and in your personal life, regardless of what you may encounter in your professional career.”

Recently reconnecting with Tintern, Jillian spent an afternoon reminiscing and touring the campus and enjoyed afternoon tea with Mr Bradley Fry.

To read more about Jillian’s career in Australia and abroad please visit her Meet Our Alumni profile by selecting here.




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