iPad Rollout for new students from Prep to Year 9

The iPad rollout for 2016 is now ready to go. All new students entering the Junior or Middle Schools are eligible for a 32 GB iPad Air. Each iPad will come with a protective cover. The total value of this package is $780. This cost will be carried by the school and will not be charged to student accounts.

The rollout sessions start Monday 18 January. Some early morning and evening sessions are available for parents who cannot make any of the day sessions. Students are not required to be present. All iPads will be issued to a parent or guardian during these sessions. 

Families with more than one student in the school will receive an iPad for each student. Students who were issued with an iPad between 2013-2015 will continue to use the iPad originally supplied.

Tintern Grammar endeavours to empower our students to be competent digital citizens. Our 1:1 technology program is a critical part of our teaching and learning program. Please feel free to email any queries about the rollout program to itservices@tintern.vic.edu.au

Use the following link to book a time to pick up your son/daughter’s iPad. The handover process will take approximately 40mins 

 Click Here to make a booking



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