International Women’s Day Assembly in the Girls’ Junior School

Last week, we continued our celebration of International Women’s Day. We held a special Assembly where some Year 5 and 6 students each spoke about an inspirational woman who had made an impact on the world. The girls saw a powerful video featuring girls struggling to name examples of female inventors. There are indeed plenty of women inventors, historical and contemporary, to admire. After listing several, a young woman in the video says it best: “To know that there are women before me gives me motivation that I can invent something and maybe make a change in the world. That would be really cool.” Yes, it would!

All the Year 3-6 students then took part in our International Women’s Day Conference.  Each student came wearing a placard acknowledging a significant woman. Each student collected as many names of other women as they went around the room.  Finally, we finished our celebration with a special (and delicious!) morning tea (supplied by the school) to let our girls know that we think they are special too. Thank you to all the staff for their part in supporting this event, in particular to Kelli Green, Jan Wagner and Linda Hudgell who worked very hard to put this together.

A Riddell



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