Important Parent Information Evening – Wednesday 31 October

Parent Information Evening

Young people and pornography – myths, facts and how we can help young people to develop healthy relationships.

A presentation by Bradley Fry, Principal, Tintern Grammar

Wednesday 31 October 2018 (tomorrow), 7:00pm, CM Wood Centre

Pornography is not new, but it has never been so accessible. Exposure among young people is widespread. In fact, for many young people, it can be more difficult to avoid pornography than to see it. 

Pornography presents a distorted view of sex and relationships. Despite this, many young people’s sexual understandings and expectations are being shaped by the images they – or their partners or peers – see online from a young age.

Pornography is an issue that cannot be ignored. Tintern Grammar is committed to equipping students’ for healthy social and sexual development, in partnership with their parents.

We hope parents of Years 7-12 students will join us for a special information session to explore:

  • What do parents need to know about porn and young people?
  • How can parents support their children to grow into a sexuality that is safe and respectful?
  • What is Tintern Grammar doing to support students’ healthy development?

We welcome parents from our Junior Schools, but will be presenting a more age and stage appropriate presentation to Junior School parents later in Term 4.

Please note: The content shared during this presentation has been developed to target parents only, therefore this event is not suitable for students to attend.

Parking: Parking will be available in the Bush Car Park at 55 Alexandra Road, East Ringwood or in our Transport Bus Bay at corner of Loma and Morinda Streets, East Ringwood. When using street parking please be aware of local parking restrictions.



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