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The Information and Communications Technology courses at Tintern introduce students to a diverse range of hardware and software. One example is the ‘Build your own Apps/Games’ semester elective available to students in Years 8 and 9. In this course, students learn some HTML programming to gain an understanding of how web pages function, use Adobe Dreamweaver to create a template-based web site using CSS code to control all layout and formatting, use App Inventor 2 to create a mobile application, and use GameMaker to build a Feed the Bear game. After being introduced to each of these different technologies, students are then free to choose one as the focus of their major project. Students have the majority of a whole term to work on their project whilst furthering their skills and knowledge. They become deeply immersed in their learning as they build unique and interesting products.

A recent innovation within this course is the use of the online development tool: App Inventor 2. This allows students to design the user interface for an application using a wide range of different components, and then code the behaviours that function behind each of these components to achieve the desired user interactions and responses. Students can then test their applications by wirelessly transmitting their app to one of the tablets which are available in the classroom. Students with Android phones can also natively install their applications on their own devices. The range of apps students have developed include a timed Mathematics quiz, Space Invaders and a Road Rampage game.



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