ICAS 2019 Medal Award Winners

ICAS testing is a testing regime administered by the University of New South Wales. UNSW have run ICAS Assessments for 35 years and each year over a million students globally sit these tests. ICAS testing used to be designed for benchmarking and measuring full-cohort progress. In 2019, the UNSW reimagined this testing to recognise academic excellence for high potential students (top 10%), with the emphasis on challenge and extension.

With this is mind, we are thrilled that three of our Secondary School students achieved the top score in testing for Victoria. They are:

  • Oscar De Jong – medal winner in Year 12 Writing Test
  • Ashleigh Dowling – medal winner in Year 11 English Test
  • Anika Mulemane – medal winner in Year 7 English Test

Congratulations Oscar, Ashleigh and Anika!

These students and their parents attended a medal winners’ presentation ceremony on Saturday 23 November.

Further congratulations to Oscar!

This is the fourth medal Oscar De Jong has won in ICAS testing: In Year 6 and Year 11, Oscar won ICAS medals for English and in Year 7 he was awarded a medal for a top score in Science.

Oscar with his 2018 ICAS English medal.

In 2019, our Junior School students participated in the following ICAS tests: Digital Technologies, English, Mathematics, Science, Spelling, Writing

In 2019, our Senior School students participated in the following ICAS tests: English, Writing, Science



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