IB Awards Ceremony

IB Awards Ceremony  

On Thursday 11 February four of our 2020 IB students were honoured at the International Baccalaureate Diploma Awards Ceremony at Deakin Edge, Federation Square, Melbourne.

This is an annual event which honours those IB students in Victoria and Tasmania who achieve IB scores of 40 and above. The fact that such a result is honoured by a ceremony indicates the magnitude of these students’ achievements.  Tintern Grammar students Ashleigh Dowling, Clarisse Liew, Hannah Taylor and Mandy Yu were award recipients at this year’s ceremony.

 Hosted by Methodist Ladies’ College, the ceremony was attended by IB students of the class of 2020, principals and IB coordinators from all participating schools. Families were able to stream the ceremony from a variety of locations. After a rousing performance by MLC’s Drumline, the guest speaker, Ms Anna Drutschinin (Class of 2005), reflected on her IB experience and where that has led her. She spoke of the multitude of pathways available after secondary school, and the importance of following one’s passion to achieve success and happiness. Her passion was always the environment. After studying Global Environmental Politics in Melbourne, and then studying further in France, she worked for the OECD advising policymakers. Her work reflected the IB in that it was multicultural, multilingual, rigorous and truly international. After returning to Australia three years ago, she is now able to help develop policy herself through her work for the Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning. She highlighted the critical thinking skills developed by the IB programme and advised the IB graduates to build on the solid foundation they now have by seizing every opportunity which comes their way.

A digital reflection on the year of 2020, compiled from footage from all the IB schools, captured the challenges and some of the achievements of a year which really tested the mettle of the students, and paid tribute to their embodiment of the IB Learner attributes.

This was echoed in the address by Mr Steven Wishart, IB World Schools Manager – Australasia/Asia. He spoke of the extraordinary way in which the students overcame hardship which was far greater in Victoria than other states. He applauded their success which was significant, with Victorian results above those in the rest of the country and the Australasia region. He also paid tribute to the work of the schools, as advocates of the students, to ensure that their challenges were recognised.

Although current restrictions meant the evening was different from previous years, it was still a celebration of, and fitting tribute to, the achievements of talented, committed, resilient and inspiring IB graduates of whom we are very proud.

Nola Brotchie

IB Diploma Programme Coordinator



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