How to stay connected during lockdown

How to stay connected while in lockdown during the coronavirus pandemic.

Managing our daily lives is not as simple as it used to be . Balancing work , school work, family and friends is more complex as we protect ourselves and others , and follow the advise on social distancing and our  permitted  activities .

 As we are not heading off to school or to the  office , our ability to meet up with friends , teachers , colleagues and loved ones is limited , and it can make us feel a lack of connection to others.

Psychologist and author, Dr Marny Lishman, says that this is really hard for us because humans are ‘pack animals ‘. “ I think that when we do not have a connection and we’re isolated we can feel really vulnerable and uneasy “, Marny says .

It is important for both our physical and mental health to stay connected, to reduce feelings of loneliness and isolation. There are some ways we can do this, while still keeping our community safe .

  1. Use your apps . Try using Houseparty or Zoom for group chats , video calling friends and family using WhatsApp or Skype or finding your neighbourhood community Facebook page.

Social media is a great way to contact friends but try not to get stuck scrolling for too long and stay safe with only contacting those you know . This website has ways that can help  you and your family to stay safe on line:

Stay in touch with school . Assemblies , utility times with mentors , talking with your class teachers each day ,all help students to feel connected to the staff and other students .

Daily emails from the school leaders remind us all that we are not on our own.

  1. Do something together . We can still have dinner or watch a movie at the same time as a friend or a loved one that we cannot see in person . Doing the same activity while talking together means you can spend time and relax together.
  2. Try to find a way to continue your hobbies. Hobbies provide a good distraction in stressful times. If you unable to go to the gym or exercise try some online training sessions or classes.If you like music or concerts, many artists are live streaming . Maybe  this is the time to try something new .
  3. What is the best way to communicate and keep in touch ? Not everyone likes the same method of communication – or is free to talk when you are . Some may not have a smart phone or access to the internet . Try calling or texting to arrange a time to catch up for a chat . Or maybe for your older relatives , a card or letter .

You may be feeling lonely, stressed or overwhelmed by the changes that are happening during this time . It is important to ask for help when you need it . Please feel free to contact your Head of School for assistance or  Student Welfare Service  for counselling support.

 Your GP can arrange counselling support for you and your family .

 There are also several on -line counselling services 

Beyondblue : 1800 512  348

Kids Help Line :1800 551 800


Stay safe and stay connected.


Catie McNamara

Director Student Welfare Services




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