How do I Speak up?

As the term progresses the girls are beginning to link in very well with the new 2017 theme ‘Speak up and Get Along’. 

We have been discussing ways to help us learn to Speak up by using the Blue Jay Bird as our inspiration.  It is important that our girls learn strategies to know how to ‘speak up’ so they can grow and build into confident young women of the world.

Some of the tools needed to assist this process are as follows:

  • The Power I – a way to tell others what you think, what you want and how you feel (in a respectful way!)
  • No Thanks – learning to say no thanks is an important skill required to keep safe and out of trouble (in other words ‘doing the right thing’)
  • Asking Questions – when you need information or help

We are encouraging the girls to try these ideas at school, at home, in your neighbourhood or wherever you’re with other people. As parents you may like to discuss these ideas with your daughter so they can practise these techniques at home too.  These skills will help them to be even happier at school!



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