House Swimming

Last Friday 16 February the Middle and Senior School girls came together to compete in House Swimming across the day. There were many events for people to compete in, not to mention the funniest events which were the boogie board and boat relay.  

The Year 12 girls (Class of 2018 ) took every opportunity to celebrate as it was their last house swimming event ever and all jumped in the pool with noodles, crab blow up rings and much more. The points were very close all day and when it was coming to the end every race counted.

The last part of the day we all had to sing and yell out our chants! I thought that Butterss/Cross won the loudest chant. In the end in 5th place was Mansfield/McKie with 1264 points, 4th place being Somner/Stewart on 1364 points and then the points were very close between 1st 2nd and 3rd with 3rd place being Butterss/Cross on 1542 points and with a 2-point difference Dann/Watt came 1st with 1548 points leaving Gordon/Grant in 2nd place with 1546 points.  

by Katey O’Reilly, Middle School Sports Captain



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