House Music Showtime

It is House Music Showtime fever in the Junior School!  The rehearsals are well underway preparing for the performance this coming Friday 18 August at 1.45pm.  It is always an impressive event which showcases the student talents and their excellent teamwork as they perform an instrumental, choral and dance routine from each House. The Year 6 students always impress us with their leadership skills as they guide and support their fellow students during the five weeks of rehearsals in recess and lunchtimes. Don’t forget to come to the performance which is this week!

Event:   House Music Showtime

Date:     Friday 18 August

Venue:  CM Wood Centre

Time:    1.45pm

Congratulations to the following Year 6 House Music Showtime leaders who are doing a wonderful job in guiding the girls during rehearsals.


Natasha Gillam – Choral

Natasha Gillam – Instrumental

Ruby Crow  – Dance

Natasha Gillam – House Captain


Ava Cassidy – Choral

Zara Bicknell – Instrumental

Genevieve Gough  – Dance

Saskia Jackson-Smith – House Captain


Maya Hutchinson – Choral

Jade Marshall – Instrumental

Maya Hutchinson – Dance

Maya Hutchinson – House Captain 


Ella Jones – Choral

Emmy Horman – Instrumental

Mayunie Munasinghe  – Dance

Mayunie Munasinghe  – House Captain


Chelsea Tonna – Choral

Elaine Sze – Instrumental

Rachel Adam  – Dance

Chelsea Tonna – House Captain



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