House Music

One of my favourite events throughout the year is House Music.

Every Secondary student, for the past two months, has been rehearsing in their Houses, ready to perform two songs at our House Music Competition, to be held THIS THURSDAY 18 May, commencing at 11.45am, in the CM Wood Performance Centre.

Each House will perform the classic anthem from Les Miserables, “Do You Hear The People Sing’, and will then perform their choice song, under the theme “Songs From Stage Musicals”.

The variety and quality of these songs is wonderful, and very entertaining.

What I most enjoy, apart from the fun and energy of the actual competition, is watching our Year 12 House Leaders confidently taking on the leadership of their House, from organising songs and presentations, through to running each rehearsal. This can provide some challenges, but the growth in confidence and leadership, and the sense of fulfilment that each leader will have at the completion of the competition, is inspiring!

Parents and friends are warmly invited to join with us in the CM Wood Performance Centre this Thursday at 11.45am-12.55pm, for what is always a wonderful Secondary School event.



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