House Cross Country

On Tuesday 2 May the Annual Junior Girls’ House Cross Country Carnival was held at Tintern. This year saw a number of changes to the event with a brand new course, that was the same course the boys ran only an hour before. Also for the first time this year the Prep, Year 1 and Year 2 girls had races of their own around a shorter course. Thank you to the Year 6 girls who assisted the Preps and Year 1 girls by running with them around their course. The weather was very good for the event and the girls ran extremely well on the day. The scores were close throughout the event with only 44 points separating first and last. I would like to congratulate all of the girls for giving their best effort for their House.

Congratulations to the winners of each event:

U/10 race: Elisha Sze

​U/11 2 lap race: Jessica Fettell

​Year 5&6 1 lap race: Eve Ferrie

​U/12&13 2 lap race: Natasha Gillam

​Final results of the carnival were:

1st Cross 105 points

2nd Gordon 84 points

3rd Mansfield 83 points

4th Somner 79 points

5th Watt 61 points

Congratulations to Cross who won the event for the third year in a row. 



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