HOT Shots Tennis!

Congratulations to the HOT SHOTS team of 2018.  For the first time in Coach Green’s living memory, the HOT SHOTS team were unbeaten in their division and made it to a finals round.  Superb efforts of  Emma Cooke, Daniel Sun, Anika Mulemane, Ananya Khatry, Charlotte Collins, Nesreen Taher, Holly White, Ainsley Light, Joanne Ye and Aryan Chekka for their great teamwork, sportsmanship and energy on the finals day. Unfortunately, we did not get past the first final against Croydon P.S. but did not go down without a fight, taking an impressive 114 points to C.P.S 221.   Thank you also to others in the team who played and trained in the preliminary rounds: Scarlett O’Connor, Hallie Walder, Odette McCallum, Josie Pang, Abbey Van Bremen and Coach assistants Lucia Cockerell and Jasmine D’Elton.



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