Horse Trials

On the Saturday 29 and Sunday 30 April, Tintern Grammar held their 17th annual Horse Trials at Wandin Park Estate. Students came from all over the state to participate. There were 12 Tintern students competing for the school who all did exceptionally well. Everyone completed three phases including dressage, show jumping and cross-country.  

On Saturday night, there was a disco that everyone was welcomed to with some fun music and lots of dancing.

This event was not only individual, but riders were all apart of teams of 4 riders and the riders with the top 3 scores were the ones that counted to the team’s overall score. The Tintern girls and boys showed great sportsmanship and respected their uniform well. The horse trials was a fun event to experience whether you were competing, volunteering or spectating.

Here are just a few of the riders scores:

Charlie Johnson did a good job on an unfamiliar horse that placed 3rd

Olivia Garland competed on 2 horses and placed 12th on both

Lily Trevorrow finished 7th on her horse Ocean Coast

Ella Trevorrow placed 9th for her first competition back from a bad fall

Brooke Thompson finished 19th riding Portland boy

Grace Lloyd placed 25th

by Olivia Garland, Ella Trevorrow and Charlie Johnson



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