History Walk

Through the classroom, out the back door and along the pathway.

Where are we going Mrs Gluskie?

What are we doing?

Are we going on another History Walk?

I wonder if we will find any more plaques or signs this time?

Many questions and much intrigue…

Our Integrated Studies unit, Now and Then, has allowed us the opportunity to explore and study some of the history of our school and tap into the wisdom and knowledge of some of the Junior Schools longer serving staff members. The boys have embraced our topic and have enjoyed our History walks around the school, looking for buildings, plaques and yes, even people who are a part of our history. The boys’ were thrilled to speak to Mrs Gaskin, Farmer Wall, Mrs Delloste’ and Mr Kenny who all had tales to tell about Tintern and Southwood. The realisation that the cubbyhouse in the playground now, was the very same cubbyhouse that was in the playground at the Maidstone Street campus last century was the highlight for many of the boys.

On visiting The Heritage Centre, we were able to see a variety of uniforms which had been worn by students throughout the years, a desk from the past and the progress of the swimming pool which began as a patch of earth, progressed to become a beautiful outdoor pool until once again changing to become the magnificent indoor pool that we have today.

During our journey of discovery, the boys realised that many of the places around the school that we know and love, have also been loved by other students and teachers throughout the years.

by Mrs Gluskie, Year 2 Teacher



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