Lion – Hearted

What does it mean to be Lion-hearted? We have begun discussing this in our Assemblies as we continue to SAIL (Lionhearted) in our Boys’ Junior School.

During our Back To School Morning on Monday, I asked the boys to discuss their thoughts on this with their adult guest.

I then presented examples of behaviour to further discuss; teenage boys diving into an ocean beach blowhole where the sea was incredibly savage; Larry Walters (better known as Danny Deckchair, who in 1982, tied 32 helium weather balloons to an ordinary deckchair and to his surprise, floated up above airplane space; passengers standing up for a Muslim woman being abused on a train; people abseiling; trying surfing for the first time; taking substances; intervening when bullying occurs; the two teenagers who tried to stop the driver of the Bourke Street tragedy…

It can be difficult to define what is lion-hearted, and what is foolish. We did discuss that when there is a sense of unsafety, the possibility of bad consequences, and when behaviour doesn’t reflect one’s values… then ‘lion-heartedness’ can become foolhardiness.

Playing piano in assembly and at concerts, running a cross country race when it is very challenging to oneself, walking away from a situation that is wrong – these can be very ‘lion-hearted’ actions.

A definition I presented was as follows:

Constantly challenging one self. Taking every single opportunity without regrets. Learning, developing and seeing beauty in all kinds of moments in life no matter how big/small they may be. Knowing what you’re worth, treating yourself like you deserve to be treated. Simply, just being you and being brave. Like a lion you know, fight for what you stand for. A Lionheart would never give up on its dreams.

We will continue to discuss our ‘L’ of SAIL in the coming weeks



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