Boys’ Junior School News

We had two inspiring events recently in our Junior School; a presentation from the Wheelchairs for Kids organisation, and many of our girls and boys ‘jogged’ with Sean Bell at recess as a part of his Jog For Joey event.

Our Junior School girls and boys now have the opportunity to participate in our upcoming Wheelathon. Every $200 raised purchases a wheelchair for a child who is living a tough life due to mobility, and other challenges. What an incredible gift to be able to help these children. I ask that you speak with colleagues, friends, relatives and that we raise as many funds as possible to create a better world for these children.

Sean Bell had already run 30km yesterday morning when he jogged onto our oval at recess. He then ran another 12kms on the oval and was joined by many of our girls and boys. Sean high fived them, chatted as he ran, and then stopped briefly to thank them for their support. He has now completed 39 of his 50 marathons. His is truly an inspiring story.


Thank you to those who continue to prioritise the welfare of our girls and boys by parking safely and wisely in our Bush car park. For those who are still unfamiliar with requirements, we ask that the roundabout at the end of the Bush Car Park drive be a strictly no standing, ‘kiss and go’ area, while all other parking signs are adhered to.



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