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Sir Ernest Shackleton

August 30 is the anniversary of Sir Ernest Shackleton having ‘rescued’ his crew of the sunken Endurance from their desolate camp on Elephant island, having been left there for 128 days whilst Shackleton sought assistance from a South Georgian whaling station, 800 miles away.

The ‘failed’ Trans Antarctica journey (1914-1917) of Sir Ernest Shackleton and his crew, is an incredible story of resilience, hardship and strong leadership, and one that we have shared in our most recent Assemblies.

As their ship Endurance was slowly crushed by pack ice, Shackleton had his men camp on the ice flow, where they were to remain for more than 16 months.

That the crew kept going during this time was a tribute to Shackleton’s leadership skills and his abilities and understanding of the importance of keeping up morale.

In their book Shackleton’s Way: Leadership Lessons from the Great Antarctic Explorer, authors’ Margot Morrell and Stephanie Capparell highlight the qualities and methods used by Shackleton to maintain his crew’s spirits.

In our assemblies we have talked about his selflessness, in serving the men hot chocolate in the mornings, and having random draws to see who would be assigned the most heavy duty sleeping bags, but never once including himself in the draw. He organised games of soccer on the ice flow and ensured that music concerts were a daily part of the crews’ routine.

Whilst the Trans Antarctic Journey didn’t meet its objective, the manner in which Shackleton was able to lead his crew to survival and rescue is one that will be very much understated in this short paragraph. I would encourage you to further share this amazing story with your children through books such as Who was Ernest Shackleton by James Buckley.

Interestingly, Ernest Shackleton’s grave stone has on it a symbol with which all of us are very familiar!


Fathers’ Day Breakfast

We are all very much looking forward to our combined Junior Schools’ Fathers’ Day Breakfast this Friday morning. Our students will spend time with their ‘dads’ in class completing activities before joining together for an interactive and fun assembly. There is still time to RSVP. Book here.

Our annual Fathers’ Day Stall is this Wednesday and we thank our Tintern Parents Group, and especially Haidee Wallace (mother of Brayden, Year 4) for leading this wonderful opportunity for our girls and boys that they all thoroughly enjoy.


More than 50 members of our Junior Schools’ Community joined together in our Southwood Centre to watch the Totally Wild episode featuring Belle. It was a delight to see our boys and Belle on the big screen!

The episode can be seen at the following link, with our segment at approximately the 16 minute 30 second mark: https://tenplay.com.au/channel-eleven/totally-wild/season-24/episode-131

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