Greetings Tintern Families!

It’s lovely to have found such a welcome waiting for me as the incoming Music Specialist Teacher this term. Whilst it’s only been five weeks (how did we get halfway into a term already?) your children have been a delight to work with and have made me feel most welcome.

In the ELC there’s been games, songs & rhymes as the children experience beat and communal play through the songs we’re singing. A huge thanks to Kristin and her dedicated team of staff for assisting my transition to Tintern in these early weeks.

The PMP program continues for the Early Learners, Pre-Preps, Year 1s and 2s – this program aims to develop and extend children’s gross motor capabilities and coordination. We frequently see the positive outcomes when children experience personal success at new activities each week. My thanks must go to Karen Worland for assisting me with the transition to this program over the first few weeks, as well as all the staff and special helpers who attend weekly to make the program possible.

Choirs at Tintern have always enjoyed a strong reputation and the Years 3-6 Choir and Cooper Choir are demonstrating their capacity to explore new repertoire each week. There are many talented students among their number and I’m enjoying getting to know their various musical capabilities. We are ably supported each week by our wonderful piano accompanist, Ms Heather McKenzie who makes rehearsal a breeze for all of us.

In the classroom we’ve been exploring new repertoire, writing and performing music, engaged in the use of Solfege (to read more about this, google John Curwen Handsigns and the Hungarian music composer Zoltan Kodaly’s approach to music learning through singing), preparing for Book Week and our upcoming assemblies with various musical items.

The students have been enthusiastically volunteering for my ‘Solo Roster’ – a further opportunity for students learning voice or a musical instrument to perform to their peers. We’ve heard a good number of performances in class and at assemblies already, while a large number of students are eagerly waiting to step up and be heard.

It can be said that the Tintern students are embracing our 2018 theme of ‘This Is Me’ with great gusto, with the Performing Arts giving many a natural avenue to let their light shine. I am grateful for the warm welcome that students, staff and parents alike have given me as I’ve commenced teaching here and look forward to meeting many of you in the coming months, especially as we reach the Parent-Teacher Interviews on 11 and 12 September.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have queries regarding your child’s music education. I can be reached via email ( or by phoning reception.

Yours in music,

by Suzanne Agius – Junior Girls’ School Music Specialist Teacher



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