Green Team winds up 2021 with Guest Speaker, Claire Butcher (YG 2010)

During lunch on Tuesday 7 December, the Green Team had the privilege of hearing from Landscape Architect, Claire Butcher. Claire is a former Tintern Grammar student who graduated in 2010 and went on to study at RMIT and the University of Melbourne. When she came back to Tintern for her 10 year reunion, she heard about the Green Team and nominated herself forward as a possible guest speaker, stating that “it’s so wonderful to see students standing up for a better future”.

Landscape Architects design ‘everything around buildings’, such as parks, streetscapes, plazas, outdoor malls, waterfronts, waterways, national parks, and even the design of new suburbs or towns. They also work closely with many other interrelated industries, including ecologists, horticulturalists, architects, urban planners, urban designers, and engineers.

The main goals of Landscape Architects are to make cities and environments more liveable, to find new and sustainable ways to live, and to find creative solutions to how our cities can adapt to cope with changing climate conditions, such as heat and flood.

Many Green Team students came along and asked interesting and engaging questions, for example “is it more difficult to work with commercial or domestic clients?” and “what is your favourite part about being a Landscape Architect?”

Claire is an excellent role model for the Year 12s, and she reassured us that there is no problem with changing your mind along the way about what you are studying at university, and reiterated that there is always freedom and flexibility to pursue and discover what you are passionate about.

The Green Team is so grateful that Claire took the time out of her day to come and speak to us and we wish Claire all the best in her personal and professional life as she continues to work towards being a Registered Landscape Architect.

For more information on what a Landscape Architect does and how to become one, there is a link to the Australian Institute of Landscape Architects, a link from the University of Melbourne which explains the pathway to becoming a Landscape Architect , and a link outlining the Landscape Architecture courses that RMIT offers.

By Alei Paul (Year 11)

Green Team Captain




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