Green Team Waste Management Initiatives

One of the big aims of the Green Team is to reduce the School’s carbon footprint and the whole school community has been encouraged to think about ways to reduce landfill waste and improve recycling. This term, two representatives from Envirocom (an environmental consulting group) visited the school and presented to teachers and all students from Years 3-12. Hannah Matthews-Prosser (contracted from Envirocom to Maroondah City Council as the Waste Education Officer) started the term with an engaging and educational presentation to the teachers on the first Thursday’s professional learning afternoon. Many staff members have since commented on how much they learnt about what they can do in their daily lives to be more sustainable. Regina Johar (Envirocom) continued the program with presentations to Year 12 students, Years 10 and 11 students and Middle School girls. She will return once more to present to Middle School boys in mid-September. These sessions took the form of a PowerPoint presentation with question and answer time at the end.

On 8 August, Regina spent the entire day in our Junior Schools running workshops for the Years 3-6 students. During these sessions, the students came to understand the differences between mixed recycling, commingled recycling, landfill, compost and soft plastics. The students participated in an activity in which they were asked to sort different types of waste into the correct bins. The Years 3-6 teachers reported that these sessions were both engaging and educational, and observed that our Junior School students are well on the way to becoming eco-warriors and recycling gurus! Both Junior Schools now have soft plastic recycling bins as well as compost and mixed recycling.

Let us not forget our youngest students! The message is getting across very strongly to our Prep-Year 2 students as well and these students are taking an active role in being sustainable both at school and in the community. The Green Team received a lovely email from Prep teachers, Christine Campbell and Mallory Peters, after their recent excursion to the Melbourne Zoo. Mrs Campbell writes:

Dear Green Team

We just wanted to let you know how much influence your Green Team messages have had. Today, we went to the Melbourne Zoo with both Prep classes. I had a large reusable plastic bag for rubbish collection. Both Prep classes made sure not to leave any rubbish behind, so that the animals would not be affected, without any prompting. The Prep boys chose mostly to take their foods scraps and rubbish back to school. I was thrilled when some of the Prep students asked if they could sort the rubbish we had collected into the three bins provided by the Zoo…compostable, recyclable and general waste. The students then kept an eye out during the remainder of our visit, collecting paper scraps from other visitors so that the Zoo was as clean as when we arrived! Mallory Peters and I were most impressed with their care and concern for the environment! Thanks to your wonderful Green Team for their important initiatives!

by Anne Bortolussi, Green Team Coordinator



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