Grandparents and Special Friends Morning Reflections – Year 3

A beautiful morning was had in the Southwood Centre on Monday 29 May with our Grandparents and Special Friends joining us in our classrooms; it was so lovely to see so many faces. Thank you to everyone who came, particularly those who travelled a long distance to spend the morning with us. We hope you enjoyed it as much as we did.

Year 3 Reflections…

On grandparents’ day we used “Kahoot” on our iPads. We worked in teams to do the trivia about the First Fleet. We had assembly with Mr Kenny that was funny. – James Winduss

On grandparents’ day, we introduced each other to the class then we answered the “Now and Then” activity in teams. I worked with Ryan, Cayden, Cayden’s Grandpa Greg and my Nanna Sandy. We then played a game of “Kahoot” and answered 17 questions about The First Fleet. Our team won! – Xavier Willis

My special guest’s name is Amini, we like to play soccer together in the backyard. Today was a fun day with my special guest and lovely. We played “Kahoot” and it was fun too. – Archia Zamani

Today it was Grandparents’ morning, we played “Kahoot” on our iPads, we answered questions about The First Fleet and Convicts. My team won, Xavier, Cayden and special guests. We also read Wilfred Gordon Partridge McDonald. It was the greatest morning ever! – Ryan Makkar

We all had a good day, we played a “Kahoot” about The First Fleet. The people on my team were Sandy (Xavier’s Nanna), Greg (my Pa), Xavier and Ryan, my team won after a comeback. My Nanna gave me a cookie, and we all introduced ourselves. – Cayden Wood

Firstly, we introduced our special guests, then we did a “now and then” activity comparing school to now and when our special guests were at school. Next we did “Kahoot”, answering questions about The First Fleet, took a photo of our visitors and said good-bye. – Jack Ravenscroft

On Monday it was Grandparents’ Day, all the boys in Prep to 6 took their grandparents to school for the morning. The Year 3s did a “Now and Then” sheet and a 17 question “Kahoot”. – Heath Elias

On the 29th of May we had a Grandparents morning, it was fun. We did an activity, took some photos and introduced our special visitors. I said “this is my grandparent, Grandma or Heather, we love to eat cookies from the secret cookie stash”. – Heath Bowey

It was a fantastic morning, we all had a great time, 8 of the boys had special visitors. At the start, we all introduced our special friends and ourselves. My Nan and I were with Heath B and his special friend, we played “Kahoot” on the Frist Fleet, we came second place. The special friends day was the best day ever! – Lincoln Dauparas

On 29th May, Grandparents came into the classroom, we introduced them to our classmates. We played “Kahoot” and did an activity using Venn diagrams comparing school now to when they went to school. – Miles Tang

by Kylie Newman, Year 3 Teacher



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