Girls Robotics

The Junior School enjoyed a series of fabulous after school Robotics sessions with Miss Constable, Mrs Healey and Melody’s Ch’ng’s dad assisting. The girls participated in the Robo Cup challenge, and dance competition with great success this year.  They can highly recommend robotics for other girls in the Junior School – here’s why…

10 reasons why girls should do Robotics!

Girls should do robotics for their education and problem solving to extend to their brains.  Nesreen

I suggest Robotics to all girls because it’s an educational program and it will help us find jobs. Jessica

I enjoyed Robotics because of the socialising, teamwork and how we all supported each other. Drishya

I loved how we solved so many problems. It was good to fail because you can learn a lot that way. If you lose your programming you learn to save it properly. Helen

When you learn robotics, it helps you become more patient, responsible and organised. Melody

I loved Robotics because it was an enjoyable way to learn computer coding. Who knew you could even teach a computer to dance!?  Scarlett

Not only was it fun, but I had to practice time management, problem-solving and team work! Ella

The feeling of pride and success when my robot followed my program correctly, was colossal.  Ananya

Robotics is great because we are learning skills that are essential for the future. Anika

When I saw others with great ideas, I learnt from them as well. We had to investigate, use trial and error and explore other possibilities so that our robots would follow the program.  Coco

Enjoy our video showcasing the after school Girls’ Junior School Robotics program in action!



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