Girls’ Junior School Music Night

Our annual Junior School Music Night event came around again last week. This event is a high point of the Junior School Calendar, providing the opportunity to showcase the rich and diverse musical talents of our girls. We are especially proud of the inclusive nature of the evening; every girl from Years 3 to 6 takes part in at least two items. Also making an appearance are all of our Junior School performing groups. Once again the dress and behaviour of each girl was outstanding and the evening was a great success.

The evening also provided the opportunity to showcase other talents in the Junior School. The audience was treated to a display of a range of Year 6 solo items. These items were outstanding and it was hard to believe that these girls were only 11 and 12 years old. Adding great value to the evening was a String Quartet, Junior Strings and Paganini Strings. The entire evening was compèred most ably by many of our Year 6 students.

You probably know the saying… ‘It takes a village to raise a child’… This concert is a great example of this proverb, as the planning for the concert brought together a huge number of Tintern staff.  Our expert staff have worked as a team, using all their talents and expertise to support the girls to put on this event. It has been over a relatively short period of time since Mrs Wagner retired so it has meant the staff have been very busy indeed.

There are number of people in particular whom we need to acknowledge.  Thank you to Mrs Jacquie Casey for her care, friendship and expertise.  She has been the driver of the engine which has directed the proceedings. Special thanks also goes to Mrs Lyn Henshall and Ms Kelli Green for their wonderful work with the girls.  It has also been a superb team effort amongst other staff too – Mrs Mackie, Mr Veldman, Mrs McKenzie, Mrs Paula Grinbergs – for their part in leading the ensembles.  All the Junior School staff assisted on the night as well, which ensured the very smooth running of the event. Other supporting staff, such a Mrs Bezaire and our Audio experts Lachlan and Callum, and Molly Fleming (current School Pianist), also worked hard behind the scenes.   

It was indeed a special night…another special event in the life of Tintern!



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