Girls’ Middle School News

Welcome back to Term 2! We have hit the ground running in the first two weeks and there is a buzz of excitement about the upcoming events this term holds for us. Year 8s had a wonderful camp experience at Valley Homestead last week and I was tremendously proud of and impressed by the way in which the girls interacted with each other, their Year 10 Outdoor Ed Leaders and staff. The support and encouragement of each other was evident throughout the whole week as girls conquered their fears and challenged themselves as well as learn new skills and have loads of fun!

Year 7s have begun learning their House Cheersports routines and preparing for the competition in June. Likewise Year 9 girls have begun to develop their ideas and choreography for House Dancing. On top of this, each House has been busily practising their House Music songs!!! House competitions and activities add great life and energy to our school and are a wonderful opportunity for students to work with groups outside that of their friendship and class groups. It also allows for interaction between students from different year levels and I’m really pleased to see the positive approach students have demonstrated towards these activities.

Girls studying the Year 9 Outdoor Education Elective completed their 3-day canoe camp to Lake Eildon this week and they enjoyed some fabulous learning opportunities and weather.





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