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Family School Partnership

At Tintern we place great importance on the partnership between families and the school. By establishing valuable connections and emphasising the importance of community we hope to truly foster a culture that enables effective communication in our school. In my conversations with parents this week, I have encouraged a united and ‘team’ approach to motivating, empowering and nurturing our girls. Communication between students, parents, teaching staff and support staff is essential in order to work together to support students, whether looking at their academic progress, co-curricular commitments and opportunities, social interactions, or organisation.

Sometimes the fast pace of life and technology, use of social media and level of immediacy felt by young people, there can be little time for thoughtful decision making or care in their approach or interactions with others. A photo or comment, once posted online or sent to someone can be passed on and viewed by an audience it was not originally intended for. As teachers we work with your daughter’s to navigate through this, develop strategies and consider their actions and the implications of these actions/interactions. As parents you can help your daughter’s by calmly unpacking the events of the day and offering an adult perspective. Monitoring their use of social media, being aware of what ‘Apps’ or accounts she has access to (snapchat, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, KiK etc) and knowing when and why she is using it – to post photos, share interests and ideas or to keep up to date with subjects or people of interest – will help in supporting positive use of social media.

The Great Outdoors

Our Camp Programs are an important part of the overall education of students during their time in the Girls’ Middle School. The sequential program is planned and run by Tintern Outdoor Education staff and Year Level Co-ordinators who also work with residential camp providers such as Merricks (Year 7), Valley Homestead (Year 8) and Camp Howqua (Year 9) to create programs that are engaging, challenging, rewarding and valuable for students. Involvement in the outdoors provides girls with a range of activities outside their usual environment, so that they learn to face challenges in an atmosphere which requires self-reliance and independence. As students work in small groups they also further develop their co-operative group skills, communication and tolerance. The activities undertaken encourage them to use their initiative and to take responsibility for their own and the group’s actions.  Term 1 presents many challenges and opportunities for our Year 7s which includes spending 4 days together at Merricks in their final week of term. They will enjoy tree climbing, snorkelling, an introduction to bike riding and horse riding. Year 8s will begin Term 2 with much excitement as they swing, climb, slide and ride during 5 days at Valley Homestead in the picturesque Ovens Valley. The 3-camp program offered to Year 9 girls is, for many, a highlight of their time in the Middle School. The first of these camps, a three day bushwalk to Wilsons Promontory challenges students to become more familiar with their group, be self-sufficient and confident in their own abilities to experience and enjoy the outdoors. These bushwalks are currently taking place and all reports from staff and students so far has been positive – despite some challenging weather. Your support and encouragement of your daughter’s involvement in these programs is greatly appreciated.






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