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Year 9 Winter Camp

When we ask students of the Senior College what some of their fondest memories of Middle School are, quite often they refer to the Year 9 Winter Camp as being a highlight for them.

For five days, the Year 9 students attended Camp Howqua, located at the base of the Victorian Alpine Region for a range of energetic and challenging activities designed to develop resilience, leadership and collective problem solving. There were not just physical challenges but also environmental as we experienced a variety of climates over the week, starting with sunshine Monday and followed by snow and plenty of rain. We also had students of every range of ability and experience as we navigated each activity, including some students who had never seen the snow before.

The weather did nothing to dampen the spirits of our girls! Over the week each Mentor group joined their teachers in one of mountain bike riding, cross-country skiing on Mt Stirling, white-water rafting the Big River, initiative challenges, obstacle racing, high ropes course, or bushwalking up Mount Timbertop which was covered in snow for the first time in years! Throughout the week students rotated through these activities. Each activity was distinctly different and required all students to build on their skills and in some instances extend or ‘stretch’ themselves outside of their comfort zones. With the focus of the Girls’ Middle Schools being on ‘courageous not perfect’, this camp certainly provided plenty of both!

Each evening students and staff joined together for conversation, meals and activities that encouraged light-hearted activities such as trivia night, ‘Minute to win it’ night, and a games night with classics such as musical chairs, hotels, murder in the dark and a paper plane throwing competition being enjoyed by all.

For staff, Year 9 Camp offered us so many chances to see and engage with students in a totally different environment to that of the classroom. These interactions enable staff and students to further develop positive relationships. The students’ willingness to participate fully and positively in all aspects of this camp was exceptional. Of particular note was the adventuring and resilient spirit that was evident in each student. This was shown in how they approached new experiences, their willingness to face complex and challenging tasks, and by grabbing each opportunity given to them. 

Throughout the week we received wonderful feedback from camp staff and the community which described our Year 9s in a very positive light.

We now look forward to our third and final Year 9 camp for the year with Summer Expeditions taking place on 2nd-6th December.



Middle School Assembly

This week on our Middle School Assembly we had a theme of ‘Expect the Unexpected’.  Our School Captain, Emma du Blêt, and School Leader, Orla Murray, introduced the assembly and encouraged our young women to take every opportunity they can as they never know what wonderful adventures can await them. Charlotte Isik then performed a very vibrant piano performance of ‘Money, Money, Money’ by Abba. House Captain, Georgia Norton, then joined Emma in teaching the entire girls MS a secret handshake called ‘Tic Tock’. This activity whilst very entertaining to observe, also reflected a great sense of fun, and willingness to try new things.


Tintern Women’s Football League

This week we kicked off our Annual Tintern Women’s Football League. Our Girls’ Middle School Sports Captain, Maddy Block, has done a wonderful job in recruiting students to play and staff to umpire over the next few weeks before our Grand Final. Despite the heavy downpour during the first game, the girls stoically played on to see Butters Cross defeat Dann Watt by just one point. On Thursday, Mansfield had a significant victory with a score of 51 points!


Girls’ Middle School ‘Big Day In’

On Friday 6 September we have our annual ‘Big Day In’. This exciting day is a chance for our girls to take a pause in the business of Term 3 and to engage in wellbeing activities with their peers that are designed to build a positive mental state through physical activities, creative activities and motivational speakers. This year, we are hearing from a dynamic team from the SALT ( Sports & Life Training) organisation who will be speaking to the girls on the topic ‘ Strong is the new pretty.’ This course is designed to help girls overcome an often accepted, narrow definition of what it means to be a girl. Girls are encouraged to identify their character strengths and to use their strengths to reach their potential. Girls are empowered to critically evaluate the messages of society and to be defined by their values, beliefs and character, rather than by the way they look. For more information about SALT’s presentation, visit this link.  We will also be having our senior female leaders running sessions with our Middle School girls to build connection and provide valuable role modelling.



Parent Teacher Interviews

A reminder that we have our final session of Parent Teacher Student Conferences on this Wednesday. We encourage all students to attend these sessions with their parents,  as it can be invaluable for students to hear firsthand positive comments and/or constructive feedback on how they can work to improve their school experience and results. If you have any questions regarding the booking process or interviews, please don’t hesitate to contact the school.


Parent quick links on the portal

A reminder that the best place to check information is on the portal on the parent page. Here you can find invaluable information such as reports and other quick links such as parent contact directories for your child’s year level, Term Dates for 2020 when planning holidays, careers information, and even the Compass Canteen menu!












Volleyball Victoria Schools Cup Success – by Emma du Blêt

Volleyball Victoria 3-day schools cup is the largest event run by Volleyball Victoria, with over 35 schools and 170 teams competing in over 30 divisions. Tintern entered a Year 9 team with 11 students from across the Middle School. Training three months prior to the competition, as well as a one day competition in the early stages, we were all feeling excited and competitive going into the weekend.

Our first game was an experience. Not only were we overwhelmed by the whole environment, but we were up against a reputable team. Knocked down by two sets, we were disappointed, however, this only gave us more motivation to try harder.

Over the rest of the weekend, we showed great improvement on our skills and understanding of the game. Our final game was on Sunday, and it became a nail-biting three-set match. Fortunately for us, we brought home the win! We played 5 games over the weekend and umpired four. The final scores for the competition were so close, and we ended up coming 7th. This experience was an amazing opportunity for all of us, and has inspired five girls to take up weekly spike zone training after school.

A big thank you to our parents for all the early morning drop-offs, as well as the coaching, support and dedication from Mrs Petchell and Miss Vine.



3D Printing Class – by Ellena Glenk

In the Year 8/9 3D Printing elective, students designed and printed their first keychain. We first made some drawings of different ideas, then made them using a modelling program called ‘TinkerCad’. This program is designed for beginner modellers with a simple idea in mind. Then, once we had our finished designs, Jack in the library helped us to download the files and start printing them using the 3D printer in the library. Our end designs looked very original and creative! Once our teacher Ms Mackay had ordered the key chains, we attached the 3D printed items and hung them wherever we liked! 3D printing so far has been a lot of fun and a great learning experience!




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