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Transition is in full swing in the Girls’ Middle School. Our students are enjoying the opportunity to move up in the school and take on new year level space, classrooms, subjects and classrooms.

I am delighted to see that the girls are taking on every opportunity and are keen to engage with each new subject and classroom teacher. There is a lovely sense of energy and excitement around the school as they enter this transition stage.

Adding to the excitement today was the presence of our new Year 7 students on their third Orientation Day. Over the course of today, they had two subject-based classes so that they know what Year 7 next year will be like. This hopefully reduced some of their nerves about the coming year. They also had some more get to know you activities and An Amazing Race around the school put together by our wonderful Middle School and House Leaders. Our current Year 7 students were hosts to the new Year 7s across the day and provided them with several words of advice on how to make the most of your Middle School journey. This included short films put together by our current Year 7 students that demonstrated what to if you forget your lunch, your uniform, get lost or forget what you Teacher’s name is. The final highlight was the annual fashion parade that is put on by our current Year 7s to our new Year 7’s how to wear the uniform correctly and incorrectly. This is always a very fun activity with a great opportunity for our current Year 7s is to make our new Year 7s feel welcome.

Our Year 9s have survived their first ever exam period with exams for English, Science and Maths. This invaluable experience has put them in good stead for their coming senior years.  Over these exams, students were able to identify areas of challenge such as ensuring that they came equipped with the correct material for the exam, and working to a time limit in exam conditions. Developing effective exam techniques is an essential senior year’s skill along with learning to remain calm and composed during this time. This is not always easy for all students and I was delighted to see the effort invested by students to take this opportunity seriously and make the most of it.

In the coming week, Years 7 and 8 have a host of activities, incursions and great lessons to keep them focussed and excited to learn, such as the Year 8 Medieval Day and a Year 7 Maths show incursion. I am heading off with our current Year 9 students on Monday to go sea kayaking across the Gippsland lakes. I look forward to sharing all of our adventures when we return.

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